A Study Tip a Day Gets you an "A": 365 Secrets of Study Success

$ 15.00

This guide is designed for middle school through post-graduate students who want to increase their academic success. Students are provided with easy-to-use, but powerful tips to complete assignments, perform well on tests and submit papers or projects on time. The guide opens with a self-check to identify areas of greatest needs, followed by 15 sections that include 25 tips on topics such as reading, memory, test taking, time management and organization; 15 tips for topics such as wellness and life skills, and 45 quotes to increase motivation and decrease stress. The guide ends with a handy checklist, "10 steps to Effective Study" illustrating how tips can be combined into an effective study process. Easy to share as Tweets, each tip contains 140 or less characters.

"These tips should be in every student's hands! Each one is easy to understand and use - and supported by volumes of research on student success."
- Timothy L. Walter, Ph.D., Dean of Academic and Student Services. Oakland Community College.

"Dr. Markel's tips are tremendously helpful! Brilliant... years of learning experience boiled down and concentrated for ease of use."
- Eric Middleton, Ph.D., Counseling Psychologist. University of Michigan Medical School.

By Geraldine Markel, Ph.D