Solving the College Admissions Puzzle: A Guide for Students and Families About College Selection, Essay Writing and High-Stakes Testing

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This friendly, step-by-step guide helps students and their families get a grip on the confusing and complicated process of getting into the right college. Three experts provide strategies to tackle those daunting college choices and applications, write those mystifying application essays, and study for those nerve-wracking college admissions tests. Practical advice to make the college admission process successful, sane, and -- yes, even enjoyable. New edition includes worksheets and action plans.


"Expert advice to college-bound students and their parents. This easy-to-read book addresses all of the most-asked questions with insight, humor and honesty. It's a must read!"

--Ted Spencer, University of Michigan Associate Vice Provost and Executive Director, Undergraduate Admissions

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By John B. Boshoven, Debbie E. Merion, & Geraldine Markel